Board Meeting Minutes


MEETING: 4/11/19, Wellfleet Senior Center 5:00p.m.
PRESENT: Mary Fox,Esther Elkin, Dick Elkin,John Morrissey,Tom Cole, Jeff Tash,David Wright,Sheila Lyons (Pres.)

BUSINESS: Beginning at 5:17, the Board began to review upcoming programs. We discussed the upcoming Pre-Town Meeting,where we would also allow the sole candidate for Selectman, Michael De Vasto, to introduce himself.

Our next Forum presentation will be May 13th. Outer Cape Health will give an update on their building projects. Sheila Lyons thought that they could write their own press release.  She, w/ the offered help of Mary Fox, could do the flyering.

JUNE: This month, we have planned to have the Wellfleet Recycling Commitee apprise us of what is happening to our local recycling program. Lydia Vivante will be our contact person. No date has been set yet.

JULY: This month, we hope to have a joint program w/ the Non-resident taxpayers association on coastal resiliency. How will climate change affect us, and what steps can be taken to plan for  and mitigate those changes? Date to be set.

AUGUST: We will have our annual pot luck dinner meeting in Preservation Hall,combined with a fund-raising event for the Wellfleet Shellfishermen’s Association,their Oystermen’s Jubilee. The Parkington Sisters have offered to perform. We would rent the hall, as usual. There is talk of a raw bar. David can act as go- between,getting dates and information. A good time should be had by all.

ADJOURN: The meeting broke up at 6:00p.m. Our next meeting, if we are to follow the 2nd Thursday schedule, would be on Thursday, May 9th,5:00 p.m., in the Wellfleet Senior Center.

Respectfully submitted,
David Wright, Secretary

MEETING: March 21, 5:00p.m., Wellfleet Senior Center PRESENT: J.Morrissey,C.Felix,T. Cole,E. Elkin, D. Elkin,R. Guernsey,M.Fox,S. Lyons,D.Wright MINUTES: The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as presented. TREASURER’S REPORT: We have $930.75 in our account. The Treasurer also reported that he is resigning as co-ordinator of the Forum contingent of the Adopt-A- Highway program.

REVIEW: Attendance was sparse at our last presentation, State of the Town, delivered by Town Administrator, Dan Hoort. Looking for reasons, Sheila speculated that the timing of our publicity could have been improved. The fact that the T.A. was known to be up for consideration to be the new T.A. in Brewster also may have taken the bloom off the rose.

In contrast, the house was full for our Housing Forum.


– HDYLTA TRUST PURCHASE: On April 10th in the Library, there will be a meeting to address this possible “land” purchase, a recent addition to the Town Meeting warrant. John Morrissey will co-ordinate the speaker roster, and publicity will be handled in the usual way by D. Elkin. J.M. will put up the sandwich board on Town Hall lawn.

– PRE-TOWN MEETING: Our annual Forum in preparation for Town meeting, Dan Silverman, Town Moderator, will moderate this event, to be held on April 16th, in the Senior Center, at 7:00 p.m. As there is only one nominee to fill the vacancy made when Selectman Jerry Houk steps down, it was thought that a full Candidate’s Night was not needed, and that offering the sole candidate 15 minutes to speak or answer questions before this pre-town meeting would suffice.

-NON-RESIDENT TAXPAYER’S ASSOCIATION: The NRTA requested that we have another joint meeting this upcoming Summer, as we had last on tax rates. Possibly, housing, water issues or shellfishing could be examined. D. Wright mentioned that one of the members of the Wellfleet Shellfishermen’s Assoc. suggested at one of their meetings that a summer party might be a way to welcome public attention, and that this might be something we could do w/ the NRTA and the WSA. To be discussed further.

-SHARK BUOY: President Lyons received a request to write a letter of support for a shark detecting buoy purchase. The general feeling was that more had to be known about this device, and how it would effect the town’s liability, before we could endorse.

PARKING: President Lyons said she would report on the parking Committe at our next meeting. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting broke up at 6:00p.m. NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be in the Senior Center at 5:00p.m. on April 11th.

MEETING: 5:00p.m., Jan. 30,2019, Wellfleet Senior Center
PRESENT: M. Fox, T. Cole. E. Elkin, D. Elkin, J. Morrissey, S. Lyons (President),D.Wright
Ms. Lyons called the meeting to order. She outlined our upcoming planned events, and possibilities.
– On February 13th, The Cape Cod Commission will be participating in a Forum on Cape Cod Coastal Resiliency and Climate Change.
Sheila will forward a press release to Dick Elkin, Forum energy activist, who will distribute to the proper outlets.
– On February 21st,Dan Hoort, T.A., will deliver the State of the Town address. We will have our regular Board Meeting before, in the Senior Center, at 6:00p.m.
– In March, we may want to hear from the local housing trust who, after the 27th of the mo., may have things to say about a proposed development on Lawrence Rd. Sheila has spoken to Sharon Agger, a representative from that group.
– In April,two annual Forum evenings are scheduled: Candidate’s Night,usually hosted by Ira Wood, would meet in the Senior Center on April 15th (subject to availability); Pre-Town Meeting, usually conducted by Moderator Dan Silverman, would meet on Mon., April 22nd (subject to availability). Town Meeting is April 29th.
– David mentioned a Shellfish Advisory Meeting he’d attended where the hot topic was the possible “privatization” of the shellfishing beds. Ginny Parker seems to be the person bringing this information to local attention, and David offered to approach her w/ the idea of a Forum on this topic in May or June, should the Board deem it a fit subject.
– The Parking Study Group might also want to inform us of their findings.
ADJOURNMENT: It was moved and seconded to adjourn at 6:00 p.m.  The next Wellfleet Forum meeting will be at 6:00,Feb. 21st, in the Senior Center,just before the State of the Town speech.

MEETING: 5:00 p.m., Nov. 29, 2018. Senior Center

PRESENT: R. Guernsey,S. Lyons,J. Morrissey,M.R. Seidel,R. Elkin, E. Elkin,T.Cole, J. Tash and D.Wright
MINUTES: Accepted
TREASURER’S REPORT: We have $931.75 in the bank. There is no need to change our current tax status.
NEXT FORUM PROGRAMS: Dec. 10th: Climate Change and Wellfleet’s Resiliency
Dick Elkin, who is co ordinating this program, has the announcement and press release in place and ready to go. T. Cole will tape the event. Sheila Lyons, president, thinks that there could be a series of presentations on climate change.
JANUARY:STATE OF THE TOWN: This is penciled in for January. Sheila has “reached out” to Dan Hoort, Town Administrator, who will deliver the talk.
FEBRUARY: Possibly a presentation on Wellfleet’s parking issues, to be presented by members of the Parking Committee.
MARCH: Pre- Town Meeting, as we have done in the past.
APRIL/MAY: Pot shop revenue and room tax. Would the Finance Committee like to speak to the impact of this new revenue source?
June/July?: Perhaps revisiting the subject of residential exemption tax rates?
PUBLIC ACCESS TV: Tom Cole announced that money for public access t.v. may be in jeopardy. This serious situation might be a good topic for a Forum discussion. Tom will keep track of developments.
ADJOURNMENT: The meeting broke up at 5:55 p.m.
Next Meeting: Our next meeting will be at 4:oo p.m. in the Senior Center on Thursday, January 10th.

MEETING: Thursday, October 21, Wellfleet Senior Center. 5:00 p.m.
PRESENT: Dick Elkin, Esther Elkin,Dick Guernsey,Jeff Tash (V.P.) Mary Fox
MINUTES: The draft minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as presented.
TREASURER’S REPORT: We have $930.71 in the kitty
Jeff Tash said that he had agreed to do an email blast, at Lydia Vivante’s request,for AIM’s fundraising dinner.
– Dick Elkin said that John Cumbler had offered to do a talk on climate change and Wellfleet’s reliance in the face of same. Dick offered to pursue this w/ John,w/ the idea of a Dec. Forum a possibility.
– David Wright,though aware that the parking committee were holding open meetings, wondered if the subject of parking in Wellfleet would make an interesting evening’s Forum? The group felt that it might be a good way for the comm. to present their findings and to get input from the community. Told that Janet Reinhart was chairing this, he agreed to speak to her about the possibility of a February Forum. (January is the annual State of the Town evening)
All of the above was provisional,as Sheila Lyons, President would need to be contacted first, all agreed.
ADJOURN: The meeting adjourned at 5:55 p.m.

The Wellfleet Community Forum held its annual Pot Luck Dinner public meeting on September 5th in Preservation Hall.  At 6:30, President Sheila Lyons welcomed the crowd of about 35 people. She gave a brief history of the Forum’s origins, how it had been designed as a place to air controversial town issues in an atmosphere of openness and calm, and how that is our objective still. She ran through some of the programs we have presented this year. She invited people to visit our website, and to become members.




Next, Dick Elkin presented, for the Nominating Committee, the slate of officers. Sheila Lyons: President; Jeff Tash: Vice President; David Wright: Secretary; and Dick Guernsey: Treasurer. Unanimously accepted by the membership. The other member’s terms were extended.
Following this formality, The High Noon Craft Co-operative” were introduced. As this is our potluck dinner, it seemed fitting to have farmers, from Truro, who are trying to add cannabis to the variety of crops they grow, speak. Each of the 6 speakers told of their life on their farm. They thought this would be a good crop for them to add to their roster…. and that by being allowed to grow it, they would do no harm to the town. Some expressed the difficulty of having substantive conversation with government, and with zoning bylaws. What they want is the ability/permission to grow in quantity what is now a legal substance within the Commonwealth. Why, for reasons of health and economy, shouldn’t the benefits of the small farm movement apply to this crop, in addition to broccoli and tomatoes?
Questions were then taken. The audience wanted to know about the location of the dispensaries. (Not sure yet.) Was there concern for “other forces” coming in to affect the situation? (Highly regulated by the State. Unlikely.) Was there concern for the Outer Cape becoming a party destination for stoners? (As it is for drinkers? “I’d rather see them stoned than vomiting in the street”)
With the conclusion of the program, we headed to the long table, laden with food,to spend the rest of the evening eating and enjoying the conversation.
The next meeting of the Board will be Thursday, Sept. 27th,5:00 p.m., Wellfleet Senior Center.

Meeting: Thursday, July 26, 2018,5:00.p.m., Wellfleet Senior Center
Present: S. Lyons(President).Esther Elkin, R. Elkin,J. Tash (V.P.),J. Morrissey,T. Cole,Mary Fox,May Ruth Seidel,D. Wright
Business: The Board voted to spend $425.oo for our annual Pot Luck Dinner Meeting,held in Preservation Hall, to be overseen by Kathleen Bacon, and to begin at 6:00 p.m. on August 30th.
Flyers announcing the event should be made and placed around town.
The Nominating Committee will prepare the slate of officers to be announced and voted upon at the meeting. Dick Elkin will have the honor of presenting.
May Ruth and Sheila will see to the cups and plates.
The topic for the Pot Luck presentation will be cannabis for sake in Wellfleet.How will the coming of legal cannabis dispensaries manifest itself in our town? Those involved will be contacted and asked to present.
Motion to Adjourn: The meeting broke up at 6:00 p.m. The next meeting will be the Annual, on August 30th. in Pres.Hall

BOARD MEETING: June 21, 5:00 p.m., Well. Senior Center
PRESENT: S. Lyons, president, E. Elkin, R. Elkin, M. Fox, M.R. Seidel, J. Tash, D. Wright
MINUTES: Minutes from last month’s meeting approved unanimously.
Topic: Future Meetings
– We will promote on our site the meeting of the Wellfleet Non-Resident Taxpayers,to be held July 19th in Preservation Hall.
– Mention was made of a meeting w/ the new Superintendent of the Nat. Seashore, Brian Carlstrom, in the Senior Center,August 16th.
Forum’s Annual Meeting: Our annual potluck meeting will be on August 30th at 6:00 p.m. in Preservation Hall. Sheila Lyons will reserve the room and engage the services of Kathleen Bacon.
– the nominating committee will present the Board’s roster, to be voted on by the membership present.
– Sheila Lyons will ask Sara Bloom Raskin if she would like to speak.
– Jeff Tash wondered if, it being a pot luck, the subject of marijuana dispensaries might be appropriate. Some local growers, such as     Dave DeWitt, might be engaged to speak.
ADJOURN: The meeting broke up at 5:34
NEXT MEETING: Our next Board meeting will be Thursday, July 26th at 5:00 p.m. in the Senior Center

BOARD MEETING: May 16, 2018, Wellfleet Senior Center
PRESENT: H. Terkanian, J. Carlson, T. Cole, D.Elkin, M. Fox, E. Elkin, M.R. Seidel,C. Felix,J. Tash, S. Lyons (President),D. Wright
The Meeting began at 5:10. Sheila Lyons introduced May Ruth Seidel, founder of the Wellfleet Non-Resident Taxpayer’s group, and welcomed her as a new member to the Board.
MINUTES: The minutes from April were accepted unanimously as presented.
TREASURER’S REPORT: D. Guernsey was unable to attend, and will give his report at the next meeting.
UPDATE ON MAY FORUM: Publicity is done for our program on the 21st.
UPCOMING FORUMS: Sheila reported that Outer Cape Health would be happy to give an update report on their expansion. June might be a possibility. Sheila will see about a date.
JULY: The Board voted to see if it would be acceptable to the Non-Res. Taxpayers ASSOCIATION to co-sponsor a meeting with them in July on taxation. Tom Cole added the stipulation that it should be held in the Senior Center,where it could best be filmed for local tv. May Ruth Seidel will check to see if this is agreeable to the Taxpayer’s Group.
AUGUST: Our annual pot-luck open meeting where the roster of officers is presented and voted on. August 30th was an agreeable date; 6:00 an agreeable time. Preservation Hall will most likely be the venue.
Esther Elkin wanted to add the the reason we are not doing a cannabis forum is because Atlantic Medical Partner is already doing a presentation of their own.
Next Monday will be the Solar presentation.
MOTION TO ADJOURN: Accepted. The meeting broke up at 6 :01
NEXT BOARD MEETING: Thursday, June 21,5:00 p.m., Well. Senior Center

BOARD MEETING: 5:00p.m.,Thursday, April 19th, Wellfleet Senior Center

PRESENT: M. Fox,H. Terkanian, J. Morrissey,T. Cole, E Elkin, R. Elkin,R. Guernsey, E. Savage,C. Felix,S. Lyons (President),D. Wright

MINUTES: March’s draft minutes were unanimously accepted as presented

TREASURER’S REPORT: We have $904.00 in the kitty. The question was posed: Is it working, our way of soliciting funds at meetings w/ a hint and a basket, or should we be sending out membership envelopes? No decision was reached, though it was thought acceptable to make a pitch for donations on our webpage.

NEWS: Mary Wright and Abigale Chapman have left the Board due to time constraints. It was suggested that May Ruth Seidel, former head of the Non-resident Taxpayers association and now living in town, might make a good candidate for the Board: a bridge, so to speak. Esther Elkin said that she would be able to contact May Ruth with our invitation.

REVIEW OF PAST FORUMS: Judging by the attendance at recent forums, we seem to be doing a good job of selecting timely topics.

IDEAS FOR FUTURE FORUMS: In late MAY,Dick Elkin would like to head up a Forum on the subject of the further solarization of Wellfleet. In particular, he would like to explain the plan for the array intended for the capped landfill.

The third week of JUNE might be a good time to discuss the upcoming marijuana dispensaries coming to Town. There was lengthy discussion on what the parameters of the discussion should be. As we don’t want to debate the issue of whether or not they should be here,some thought it logical that the Forum should be limited to the location, appearance and hours of operation of the dispensaries. others thought this would be too limiting. Atlantic Medical Partners, the licensed distributor for medical marijuana, would be invited to the Forum. Jeff Tash’s name was suggested as someone who might be interested in co-ordinating this but, in his absence, no decision was made.

In JULY, the Outer Cape Health Board might be able to make another presentation on their plans for the local clinic. Some thought that this might make a good joint meeting with the Non-Resident Taxpayer’s Association. Sheila Lyons will contact them to see if there is interest on their end.

AUGUST will be our annual Potluck open meeting and election of officers.

SEPTEMBER, it was suggested, might be the ideal time to discuss the Harbor Dredge.

OTHER NEWS: Richard Guernsey is looking for volunteers to join him every third Tuesday of the month,from April to November,for trash pick up w/ the Adopt a Highway program. With not a lot of response, he said that he would talk to the Chamber of Commerce to see if they would help.

BOARD PARTICIPATION: There was a general plea for help in setting up and taking down the room for the Forums. There is quite a bit involved arranging these affairs,and the co-ordinator needs to know they can rely on the Board for help.

ADJOURN: The meeting broke up at 6:20 p.m.

NEXT MEETING: The next Board meeting will be Thursday, May 17th, 5:00 p.m., Wellfleet Senior Center

BOARD MEETING: March 8, 2018. 5:00p.m., Wellfleet Senior Center PRESENT: Dick Elin, Esther Elkin, Harry Terkanian, Jeff Tash, John Morrissey, Tom Cole, Sheila Lyons (Pres) and D. Wright MINUTES: Draft minutes from February’s meeting were moved, seconded and unanimously approved. TREASURER’S REPORT: D. Guernsey reported our current balance as being $ 825. 59





– Dennis Murphy, current chair of the Board of Selectmen, will lead a panel, possibly including Suzanne Grout Thomas, Beach Dept. head, on March 22nd. The subject will be oceanside parking, in particular, the proposed expansion of White Crest beach parking.

– Curt Felix and Justina Carlson (of diff. water use groups) plan to make a presentation that same night of Wellfleet’s water situation. In particular, they will speak to the perceived need for a new Town position, someone knowledgeable enough to oversee the delivery of fresh and the disposal of waste water. The creation of this position will be an article on the warrant.

– Pre- Town Meeting is set for April 17th, with Dan Silverman,Town Moderator, moderating. – Candidates Night will be Thursday, April 26th. Ira Wood will moderate (we hope), and John Morrissey will contact him.

For all of the above meetings, it was determined who would execute the usual steps: Sheila Lyons would write up the three press releases, Dick Elkin would get them out to the various press outlets and Jeff Tash would publicize through a Forum email blast. All information needs to be out by April 12th.

IDEAS FOR FUTURE FORUMS: – Transportation. What is locally available for seniors and others who may not wish to drive themselves? Might this be a good topic for May?

CITIZENS CLEAN UP: Would it be possible, Sheila wonders, to join forces w/ the Chamber of Commerce on this? We lack the citizen-power, it seems, to take this on ourselves. NOMINATING COMMITTEE: John Morrissey reminded us that we need to form a nominating committee to present a slate for August’s meeting.

ADJOURN: The meeting ended at 5:40p.m.. The next Forum meeting is scheduled for April 19th, 5:00 p.m., in the Senior Center

Respectfully submitted, David Wright, Sec.


BOARD MEETING: Thursday, February 18th, 2018, 5:00 p.m.,Wellfleet Senior Center




PRESENT: H. Terkanian, E. Elkin, D. Elkin, R. Guernsey, E. Savage,T. Cole, M. Wright, M. Alciati, S. Lyons (President), Mary Fox, David Wright

MINUTES: The minutes for the previous meeting were unanimously accepted as presented.

TREASURY: $58.00 was in the donation basket at the conclusion of the last Forum. That, with the addition of an expected PayPal payment, brings us to a total of $719.59 in the coffers, just $80.41 shy of fee-free banking.


What needs to be done? (this list of duties could apply to any Forum presentation)

– Get a PRESS RELEASE out to the local newspapers by their stated deadlines, usually 2 wks. in advance. The press release is usually written by the person who has brought forward a topic, or volunteered to co-ordinate the particular Forum. The press release is then sent out, currently by D. Elkin. The press release will be the basis of a flyer and an email blast.

-FLYER: to be plastered around town, is usually composed by the person who wrote the press release…and put up by those who have been offered to help.

-EMAIL BLAST: Jeff Tash, V.P., is in charge of our webpage and email blast service, announcing upcoming Forums. It was the sense of this meeting that Jeff should appoint a back-up person to help perform this function, just in case he’s away or indisposed. Dick Elkin was thought to be the current logical choice.

-SIGNBOARD: A signboard is to be placed on Town Hall lawn announcing the upcoming Forum. John Morrissey has been in charge of that, recently.

MARY WRIGHT asked, what does the Forum do, in general, and what will it do, in particular, at our upcoming presentation, when there is rancor or unproductive argument from the floor? Who will moderate? It was thought that a moderator should be assigned to step in, as needed, for any Forum. This could be someone from the Board, the President being the de facto moderator who would lay out the procedure at the beginning of the Forum, or someone selected from the panel presenting the evening’s program. Sheila will introduce Harry T., who will moderate, at this upcoming Forum. Dick Elkin observed that the usual format has been: a presentation that lasts 30-40 minutes followed by a period for questions and comments from the audience.

PARTICULARS FOR UPCOMING FORUM; The Board discussed how best to make clear to the audience the changes recommended for the Charter. Harry Terkanian, of the review committee, will prepare an executive summary, highlighting the substantive changes suggested. Should this review be posted on our website in advance? (Mary Wright thought that the website could use some grooming) Should it be sent out w/ the email blast?

THE NEXT FORUM AFTER CHARTER REVIEW: White Crest parking expansion/parking in general/disposition of the former Head Start/Senior Center building.

-Who would head up a presentation? It was thought that Dan Hoort, T.A., and Suzanne Grout Thomas, Beach Dept. head and Senior Center head, would be good. -When should we do it? It was thought that the week of March 12th would be good. The press release would then have to be out by Feb.19th, D. Elkin said. -Who would contact Dan Hoort, set the date and secure a venue? John Morrissey and Mary Fox offered to do this.

TRADITIONAL APRIL FORUMS: PRE-TOWN MEETING, CANDIDATE’S NIGHT -Pre-town meeting could be held the week of April 9th, or April 16th. (Town Meeting will be April 23rd) Usually moderated by the Town Moderator, Harry T. will contact D. Silverman as to his availability. Also discussed was the focus of the meeting. Should we go through article by article,explaining each one…or should we concentrate on controversial articles and allow discussion of said? Various members of the Board felt various ways. Mary Wright wondered if the public should be posed this question at our annual August meeting. Dan Silverman will be consulted and he will determine the style of this meeting.

Nominations for Selectman close March 20th. A Candidate’s Night will be scheduled for an appropriate time.

ADJOURN: The meeting broke up at 6:25 p.m.

NEXT BOARD MEETING: THURSDAY, MARCH 8TH,5:00 p.m., Wellfleet Senior Center

Respectfully submitted, David Wright, secretary


MEETING: October 19,2017, 5:00p.m., Wellfleet Senior Center
PRESENT: R. Guernsey (Treas.), S. Lyons(Pres.), Marty Wright, Marianne Alciati, John Morrissey, H. Terkanian, R.Elkin, E. Elkin, T. Cole, C. Felix, D. Wright (Sec.)
MINUTES: The minutes of September’s meeting were unanimously accepted.
TREASURER’S REPORT: We’ve had $200.00 in donations, bringing our total to $626.59
UPDATE ON OCT. 25TH FORUM: S. Lyons presented a flyer announcing the upcoming Forum meeting featuring the Cape Cod Commission. Essentially, the Commission will be here to say, “Who we are, and what we can do for you (Wellfleet)”. Representatives expect to be in the Senior Center at 6:30, and will be bringing visuals for their talk. D. Elkin wondered who would be in charge of publicity. S. Lyons said that she had sent information to The Banner. Dick offered to post info on the Wellfleet Community FB pg.,The Forum’s pg., & the official Town of Wellfleet pg. J.. Morrissey offered to place the sandwich board on Town Hall lawn.
PENDING FORUM TOPICS: J. Morrissey has arranged for representatives from the Library and Outer Cape Health to give us an update on these vital institutions on Monday, December 4th at 7:00 p.m. in the Senior Center. He will do the sandwich board, Dick Elkin said he would do the email publicity.
WATER AND WASTEWATER: Curt Felix will get back to us with a date for a Forum on the topic he and Justine Carlson suggested we bring forward.
WELLFLEET’S FISCAL CHALLENGES: J. Morrissey wondered if members of the Finance Committee would care to participate in a Forum devoted to this subject: the budget and the choices we will have to make. When would be a good time for this? Harry Terkanian,former T.A. w/ lots of budgeting experience, suggested January or February as useful times. As the T.A.’s State of the Town address is usually given in January, Feb. was deemed the date to aim for. John recalled the subject being suggested before. D. Wright remembered that it was Jeff Tash who first mentioned this idea and, in his absence, nominated him to steer up the possible meeting. This was moved and seconded, D. Wright’s charge being to inform Jeff Tash.
CULTURAL DISTRICT: Mary Wright wondered if we should, for the sake of informing the public and thereby making the program more inclusive, hold a Forum on the new status parts of Town will enjoy, a Cultural District. Brian Carlson, from Town Hall, would be happy to present,she said. There were some questions on what, exactly, the Cultural District designation was and what it conferred. H. Terkanian explained that it is a walkable geographic area containing a significant number of cultural activities. The chief benefit seemed to be the publicity it would bring to those providing the activities, and the advantage of the status WELLFLEET COMMUNITY FORUM when applying for grants. There are about 30 people involved in this district formation now. As the stated purpose of having a Forum on this topic was to inform, Marianne Alciati wondered if it, absent discussion, would warrant a full evening. Possibly an announcement of the District could be made by Mr. Carlson at the beginning of our December meeting on Town Institutions: An Update?
E-MAIL BLASTS: This past month, the subject of the number of email alerts the Forum should be sending out arose. After some discussion, it was suggested by the President that it might be helpful to, on our webpage, have a listing w/ links of articles of interest provided, and that we could talk about this more when the Webmaster, J. Tash, was present.
ADJOURN: The meeting broke up at 6:30 p.m. Our next meeting will be November 16th, 5:00 p.m. in the Senior Center.
Respectfully submitted. David B. Wright, Sec.

MEETING: September 21, 2017,Wellfleet Senior Center, 5:00p.m.
PRESENT: T.Cole, S. Lyons (President),M.Fox, R.Elkin, M.Wright, E.Savage,J.Carleson,R.Guernsey, E.lkin, J. Morrissey,C Felix, M.Alciati, D.Wright
MINUTES:  The minutes of the August Annual Meeting were accepted as presented,unanimously.
TREASURER’S REPORT: We currently have $456.00 in our account. $800.00 is the minimum amount required by the bank for a fee-less account. The Treasurer suggested we find ways to achieve that status.
 New President Sheila Lyons suggested that we might want the Forum to work more in tandem somehow with the Board of Selectmen. She said that it might be a good thing for us to get on their agenda and introduce ourselves. We might ask them what issues they think we,The Forum, should address.
Mary Wright wondered if the Forum’s role was always to present two sides of an issue, to entertain debate and discussion (while remaining non-partisan) or could we also present programs that were purely informational and educational.
Discussion of both these points followed. Esther Elkin wondered if we should have an observer at the Selectmen’s meetings. Tom Cole thought that the Selectman’s public hearing process made for transparency, and that we have been ‘pretty good” at picking up on timely Town issues as they come forward.
PENDING TOPICS: John Morrissey reported on the status of a previously discussed Forum topic: What’s Up w/ Town Vital Institutions (working title): the Library and Outer Cape Health. John is trying to pin the Library down to a date in November. There was some question of whether Outer Cape would be able to make the same date. If not, D. Elkin suggested, we might have an update on the Rt. 6/Main St. intersection redesign.
Sheila Lyons proposed that we have an October Forum on the Cape Cod Commission: Who are They / What do they Do? She would invite them to make a presentation.
It was moved and seconded that we do this,and that they would be our October offering.
Mary Wright asked what should be our guide when choosing topics for a Forum: what we think important, or what other people do. How should we decide?
Water/Wastewater: Justine Carlson and Curt Felix would like to see a Forum devoted to this subject. In particular, they would like to address the perceived need for a new Town position, Water Commissioner. As this may appear on the next Town Meeting warrant, it would be good if people were informed. They might show what other, similar Cape town have done in this regard. They thought it might be possible to have a November Forum on this topic. It was moved and seconded that we do just that, the two who suggested it to do the organizing.
Mary Wright wanted to inform the Board that Wellfleet had been granted recognition by the State: we have a designated Cultural District status. As a member of the Cultural Coucil, Mary would like more people to know about this, thereby making participation as inclusive as possible. She wondered if this might make an interesting Forum, and if Brian Carlson, who is heading up the project, to present.
OTHER BUSINESS: S.Lyons wanted all to know about a meeting of the Association for the Preservation of Cape Cod to be held on Wed. ,Sept. 27th from 5-7
CORRECTION TO THE MINUTES: Just before adjourning, D. Elkin noticed that some information had been left out of the minutes. While all the standing Board member were listed, and all the newly voted on members acknowledged,the term expiration dates had been left off. Dick was assured by Chair of the Nominating Comm, E. Savage, and Sec., D.Wright, that this would be clarified, if needed, at the next meeting and for the permanent record.
ADJOURN: The meeting broke up around 6:15. The next meeting will be Thursday, October 19th, 5:00 p.m., in the Senior Center

MINUTES FROM ANNUAL MEETING: The Wellfleet Community Forum held its annual Pot Luck Dinner meeting, open to the general public, on August 31st in Wellfleet Preservation Hall from 6-8. The convivial meeting was attended by approximately 35 people.

This year it was our pleasure to honor our Town Moderators, past and present: Dan Silverman, Bruce Beirhans and Harry Terkanian. Outgoing President John Morrissey introduced the honorees, who were presented w/ commemorative T-shirts. They entertained us with an original song about being a town moderator.

Evelyn Savage, who w/ Lydia Vivante and Tom Cole chaired the nominating committee, took the stage to thank President Morrissey for his devoted service to the group and to announce the slate of candidates for Board Members. Sheila Lyons was nominated to be President; Jeff Tash to continue as Vice-President, Dick Guernsey as Treasurer and David Wright as Secretary. New Board members: Jane Sharp, Mary Wright,Marianne Alciati and Mary Fox. There were no nominations from the floor. The assembly voted unanimously to endorse this slate.

Board Members: Jane Sharp Mary Fox Mary Wright Esther Elkin Dick Elkin Justina Carlson Tom Cole Kurt Felix John Morrissey Lydia Vivante Curt Felix Abigale Chapman Eric Anderson

Officers President: Shelia Lyons (1yr. term) Vice-President: Jeff Tash (1 yr. term) Treasurer: Dick Guernsey (1 yr. term) Secretary: David Wright (1 yr. term)

The next regular meeting of the Forum will be Thursday, Sept. 21st, 2017, 5:00p.m., Wellfleet Senior Center

MEETING: July 20, 2017, Wellfleet Senior Center, 5:00p.m. PRESENT: T. Cole, J. Carlson, E. Elkin, D. Elkin, J. Tash, E. Savage, J. Morrissey, R. Guernsey, D. Wright, C. Felix
GUESTS: Mary Wright, Sheila Lyons, Mary Fox




MINUTES: The minutes of June’s meeting were unanimously accepted after amending possible new board member name to Maryann Alciati.

TREASURER’S REPORT: We have $846.59 in the treasury.  A short discussion on donation requests led to decision to put the topic on next month’s agenda.




ANNUAL MEETING and POTLUCK:  Co-Chairs, E. Savage and J. Tash. Evelyn reserved Pres. Hall for August 31.  The meeting will be 6-8 pm, with John Morrissey as master of ceremonies.  We will honor Town Moderators H. Terkanian, D. Silverman and B. Bierhans, who have all agreed to participate, and we will give each a t-shirt uniquely designed for the occasion.  Board members agreed to come early to help with setup.  K. Bacon will assist in the kitchen.  John Morrissey will ask L. Valente about paper plates and community cutlery.  The cost of the hall will be $300 and kitchen assistance will be $120.  E. Savage, chair of the Nominating Committee, will conduct the election of the new members.  The nominees are Jane Sharp, Mary Fox, Sheila Lyons and Maryann Alciati.  Overall program:  5:30ish:  Board members arrive early for setup;   6pm:  Public arrives, dinner begins;   6:30:  John recognizes honorees, presents t-shirts, calls upon each to talk briefly;   6:45ish:  Evelyn leads nominations for new officers and new members; 7:00: Dessert and schmooze.

We will put a jar for donations on the buffet table, which John will mention in the introductions.




FUTURE TOPICS:  John will coordinate the update on the Library and Outer Cape Health.  Both organizations are good with an October date.  Each will have about 15-20 minutes, and then questions.  The aim is to have Pat Nadle, the CEO of OCH, as a speaker.

– Water and Wastewater: Curt and Justine brought the Board up to date on issues facing the Town in this regard. The question worth discussing, in their mind, is whether we need to have a professional overseer for water issues. They think this may make an interesting Forum topic, and will think it through and make a pitch to the Board.
– Privately funded and initiated Town projects: should there be a procedure in place for situations such as we recently experienced with the Town Hall green re-design project, Mary Wright asked? Establishing a protocol might 1) shield volunteers from the wave of public criticism that seemed to surround the introduction of this project and 2) also establish guidelines so that privately funded projects are answerable to the public. Tom Cole did mention that this project was reviewed by the Selectmen. Mary Wright will formulate this idea to see if would make a good future Forum topic.
– Nauset High school rehab. John Morrissey mentioned that this expensive project could be of general interest. Chris Easley from the School Comm. might be a good speaker, as would Fred Mc:Gee from the Finance Comm.
– Wellfleet’s Finances: Jeff Tash suggested that someone from the Finance Comm. might be able to address this timely topic. Must we always have a Prop 2 override? Can we bear rising taxes, or should we consider limiting Town services? He would like someone from the Fin. Comm. to articulate the possibilities.
-Energy Saving Program: Dick Elkin thinks that there should be a Forum evening to introduce Part 2 of the Solarize Wellfleet program. November could be the ideal time,and he is prepared to organize.
ADOPT A HIGHWAY PROGRAM: Dick Guernsey announced that the Chamber of Commerce would be (or should be asked to) taking over the Forum’s portion of this highway clean-up program. There doesn’t any longer seem to be the interest from the Forum that there once was.
SHOULD the FORUM TRY to PROMOTE COMPROMISE….or simply present various sides and aspects of an issue? Esther Elkin wondered if there were a way we could attempt to forge compromise,perhaps by introducing measures to promote such at meetings. Mary Wright seemed to think that our job was to inform. Mary Fox wondered if we could ask the audience as they leave to think of a solution to the subject just presented. Dick Guernsey thought that people would need time to digest the information they had just heard before coming to any conclusions or compromises.
ADJOURN: The meeting broke up at 6:15. The next regular Forum Board meeting will be September 21st, 5:00 p.m., at the Senior Center. Our Annual Meeting, a pot luck, will be Thursday, 8/31.
Respectfully submitted,
David Wright/Esther Elkin,who shared Secretarial duties

MEETING: June 15, 2017, Wellfleet Senior Center, 5:00p.m. PRESENT: T.Cole, H. Terkanian, J.Carlson, E. Elkin, D. Elkin, J.Tash, E.Savage, J. Morrisey, R.Guernsey,D.Wright GUESTS: Jane Sharp, Mary Wright, Rachel Brown, Sheila Lyons

PRESIDENTS REMARKS: John Morrissey spoke about the origins of the Forum, it’s history and its purpose as a non-partisan organization to facilitate timely discussion of local matters of importance,always striving to present both sides of the issue.

MINUTES: The minutes of May’s meeting were unanimously accepted. TREASURER’S REPORT: We have $846.59 in the treasury

DISCUSSION of PREVIOUS EVENT: All agreed that the Town Hall meeting w/ State Rep. and Senator, organized by Esther Elkin, was a complete success. The turnout was surprisingly good, and the content/questions meaningful and well-addressed. Some wondered if the taped meeting could be added, via a link, to our website. Also, it was suggested that meetings be listed on our website in future.

EMAIL: We now have 335 people getting our email announcements, webmaster Jeff Tash announced. If we wanted to add names to it, we could forward them to him, he suggested.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Evelyn Savage, chair of the Nom. Comm. announced the slate of officers and new Board members to be voted on at the August annual meeting. As follows: Sheila Lyons, President; Jeff Tash, Vice -President; David Wright, Secretary; Richard Guernsey, Treasurer. New Board Members: Jane Sharp, Mary Wright, and possibly Rachel Brown,Maryann Alcinate and Mary Fox. Does Kurt Felix want to remain on the Board?

ANNUAL MEETING: Co-Chairs, E. Savage and J. Tash. D. Guernsey cautioned that if we want to hold the meeting at Pres. Hall we need to set a date soon. The consensus was that we should have a pot luck. Aside from nominating new members and officers, we would honor Town Moderators, namely H. Terkanian, D. Silverman and B. Beirhans.

FUTURE TOPICS: Would October be a good choice for an update on the Library and Outer Cape Health, something J. Morrissey would continue to co-ordinate?

Would Sept. or October be good for a presentation on Water and Wastewater? The two water committees in town want to argue for hiring a professional water commissioner. Justine Carlson would co-ordinate, knowing that an overall picture must be presented, not one advocating any particular stance.

Jeff Tash suggested a meeting on the Town’s financial challenges. How do we address them? He thought someone from the Finance Committee (like Fred Mc:Gee)would make a good presenter.

D. Elkin talked about his desire to have a “Solarize Plus” forum to inform homeowners about a new program beginning soon on the Outer Cape.

Harry Terkanian suggested a program on the six million dollar Nauset High school renovation project. Chris Easley, our School Board member,might be invited to speak.

As none of this was decided, a July Board meeting will be required.

ADJOURN: It was moved and seconded to adjourn at 6:15 p.m. NEXT MEETING: July 20th, 5:00 p.m. Senior Center.

Respectfully submitted, David Wright, Sec.

MEETING: MAY 18TH, 5:00 p.m., Wellfleet Senior Center

PRESENT: R. Guernsey, J. Morrissey, J. Tash, J. Carlson, D. Elkin, E. Elkin, E. Savage, D. Wright

Draft Minutes: Unanimously accepted as presented

Treasurer’s Report: Status quo

NEW FORUM OFFICERS: It was decided that the nominating committee will be: E. Savage (chair), L. Vivante (co-chair), T. Cole, E. Elkin

(D. Guernsey,organizer of the Forum’s Adopt-a Highway crew, wondered if the 2 fellows who helped clean up last time would be interested in joining.)

ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY: Do we renew our participation in this program, Dick Guernsey asks? Would we renew for 1, 2 or 3 years? We would need a new co-ordinator, as Dick thinks he will only run the program through the Summer. He’s hoping for more participants, and wonders if we should put up a sign to get them.

FORUM DONATION REQUEST: Jeff Tash will post our request for donations soon. Our email list is now up to 251 people. With our increased online presence there have been increasing requests from community groups to announce their events under our rubric. Should we accept everyone? Discussion focused on the desire to “get out the word” versus email announcement fatigue…and the question of the Forum’s true mission. We don’t want to wear out our online welcome. Jeff Tash,who runs the page, said that he will exercise discretion in this matter.

FUTURE FORUM TOPICS: Julian Cyr and Sarah Peake will be speaking and answering questions on Sunday, June 11th, from 12-30-2:30 in the Senior Center. Town meeting format. Should people be asked to submit questions in advance online? Yes. We will need a moderator. Ira Wood? Dan Silverman? And a tech person for microphones, etc. The Elkins will put up posters/do the press release. Pres. Morrissey has the sandwich board for Town Hall lawn.

OTHER TOPICS: The Forum topic, previously discussed, on 2 town institutions (The Library and Outer Cape Health) still holds interest…and will be postponed to September or October. – Main Street? Town Hall Lawn? Memorial Garden? – Water and Wastewater Justine Carlson would like to co-ordinate with Non-resident Tax Payers Association being here in town. – Jeff Tash suggested we address the financial challenges facing the town. How will be handle them? More tax? Fewer services?

ADJOURN: It was moved and seconded to adjourn at 6:00 p.m. The next Forum meeting will be Thursday, June 15th, 5:00 p.m., Senior Center.

Respectfully submitted, David Wright, sec.

MEETING: April 27th,2017, 5:00p.m., Wellfleet Senior Center PRESENT: E. Elkin,R. Guernsey,L. Vivante,D. Elkin,J. Morrissey,J. Tash, T. Cole, E. Savage and D. Wright MINUTES: The draft minutes of March’s meeting were unanimously approved. TREASURER’S REPORT: We disbursed $62.00, leaving us a balance of $701.59

OPEN DISCUSSION/PUBLICITY: What is the most effective? – D. Elkin has been making PSAs and wonders how effective they are? -J. Tash says that our mailing list (email)is now in the vicinity of 237 recipients -D. Guersney wondered if when/if we do an envelope for membership/donations there should be a space for including one’s email address. Perhaps a sign up sheet at meetings? -J. Morrissey would like to send out an email invitation asking if those seeing it would like to continue receiving messages from the Forum. -D. Wright said the most effective draw for Forum meetings is the topic itself. We’ve hosted several very well-attended meetings recently,presumably on the strength of the topic, to our ability to contact people. -D. Ekin suggested we put announcements on the Wellfleet Community Space/Voice webpage.

DISCUSSION of CANDIDATE’S NIGHT: Everyone thought the meeting a good one,with great turnout. D.Wright said that he had written Ira Wood a note in thanks for his moderating the event. DISCUSSION of PRE-TOWN MEETING: Everyone agreed that there was a great turnout for this useful annual meeting. Dan Silverman has been thanked.

DONATION REQUEST on our FORUM PAGE: There is a donation request now, but the feeling was that it need sot be focused somehow. Apparently, the smallest donation acceptable is $20.00.

POSSIBLE FUTURE FORUM TOPICS: June 10th in the Library (or possibly a bigger hall) E. Elkin has arranged for J. Cyr and S. Peake to address the town. It was suggested that perhaps our email list of Forum members might like to prepare a question in advance of the program,sent to us by return email from the announcement. It was also mentioned that the Senior Center would be better for filming the event, and efforts will be made in this direction.

-Update on TWO LOCAL INSTITUTIONS: Library and Outer Cape Health J. Morrissey will contact one of the Library Trustees; D. Wright will contact someone from Outer Cape Health. Available dates are: Monday, May 22nd, and May 30th and 31st (Tues. and Wed.) T. Cole, video master will be out of town from May 31st- June 10th.

– TOWN HALL LAWN RENOVATION – SOURCES of REVENUE for WELLFLEET: J. Tash wondered if Fred Mc: Gee from the Finance Committee would like to address this pressing topic. Higher taxes/fewer services/more user fees (such as pay parking meters). What will Wellfleet’s future be? ADJOURN: The meeting broke up, after unanimous agreement, at 6:02 pm. The next Forum meeting will be Thursday, May 18th at 5:00, in the Senior Center.

MEETING: 5:00p.m., Thursday, March 16, 2017 PRESENT: J. Morrisey, R.Elkin, L. Vivante,R. Guernsey,E. Savage, J.Tash, D. Wright

MINUTES: The draft minutes for February were unanimously approved as presented.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Last month’s balance was $743.59. Due to a generous donation, our new balance is $763.59

SCHEDULED EVENTS: 1)Candidate’s Night: There are now 2 candidates running for Selectman. Other offices are running uncontested. The Forum event is scheduled for Monday, April 3, in the Senior Center, Ira Wood moderating. Co-ordinators are E. Savage and L. Vivante.

2) Pre-Town Meeting: Scheduled for April 19th, Senior Center, Dan Silverman moderating, David Wright co-ordinating. *

FUTURE FORUM TOPICS: A Forum presentation updating townspeople on the status of various municipal projects (and those affecting us). Three “institutions” proposed to present:

-The Wellfleet Public Library (John Morrissey, trustee and liaison)

 -Outer Cape Health Services (David Wright has spoken to Dan Hood,who is willing to speak to us.)

 -The Swap Shop (Lydia Vivante of the Recycling Comm. seems the logical liaison)

 -also mentioned: Town Hall lawn. Are there changes still planned for it, D. Elkin asked? What will it look like?

 -Esther Elkin will continue to pursue Julian Cyr/S. Peake to see if they would address our Forum

– Pay parking in Wellfleet? (J. Morrissey will call T.S. to see what the status of this notion is.

– Main St. Route 6 intersection re-vamp. Any news? Scheduled for 2018

A few of our proposed topics might fit under the umbrella of a discussion posing this question: If there is a financial squeeze in Wellfleet, which direction would you rather see the Town go in addressing it: high taxes, or fewer services? Jeff Tash proposed this as a Forum topic for September. He also favorably recalled previous Forums whose topic was: What’s on your Mind, Wellfleet, and suggested we might try this again.

ADJOURN: The meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.

The next meeting will be April 20th, Senior Center, 5:00 p.m.