Board Meeting Minutes


MEETING: 5:00 p.m., June 27th, 2019, Wellfleet Senior Center
PRESENT: Jeff Tash,John Morrissey,Curt Felix,R. Guernsey,Mary Fox, Sheila Lyons (President),D.Wright

NEW BUSINESS: Sheila called the meeting to order. She announced that she had been in contact with Susan Reverby, head of the Non-Res. Taxpayers Assoc.,with whom we will be sharing a JULY presentation. Date and time to be announced.

Our AUGUST Forum, with the Wellfleet Shellfishermen’s Association (W.S.A.) is scheduled for 8/26 in Preservation Hall at 6:00 p.m. Sheila will confirm the booking of the hall w/ Vanessa. David will write a press release and get it to John Morrissey and Jeff Tash.

We agree to pay the hall rental fee, and to hire Kathleen Bacon, as previously done, to facilitate.

David said that we can expect to have our usual potluck dinner, and that representative of the WSA Board would speak to us, as the pot growers did last year, and take questions. They will bring a raw bar, and we will allow them to solicit members at the meeting. There may or may not be entertainment, depending on the schedule of the Parkington Sisters.

David reminded the Board that this is also the meeting where we nominate new Board Members..which we need. His term is up, and he will be stepping down from the Board. Dick Guernsey’s term as Treasurer is up, and he would like to step down from that position.

John Morrissey nominated Esther Elkin to chair the nominating committee;seconded, and all in favor.

The Treasurer reported that we have $ 867.02 in our banking account. Mr. Guernsey also mentioned that the Adopt-a-Highway program is in need of volunteers.

A discussion of Wellfleet’s parking needs and solutions ensued, as Sheila is on a committee exploring this. It was deemed a possible subject for a September Forum.

ADJOURN: The meeting broke up shortly after 6:00p.m. The next meeting will be announced later.

Respectfully submitted,
David Wright, Secretary

MEETING: 4/11/19, Wellfleet Senior Center 5:00p.m.
PRESENT: Mary Fox,Esther Elkin, Dick Elkin,John Morrissey,Tom Cole, Jeff Tash,David Wright,Sheila Lyons (Pres.)

BUSINESS: Beginning at 5:17, the Board began to review upcoming programs. We discussed the upcoming Pre-Town Meeting,where we would also allow the sole candidate for Selectman, Michael De Vasto, to introduce himself.

Our next Forum presentation will be May 13th. Outer Cape Health will give an update on their building projects. Sheila Lyons thought that they could write their own press release. She, w/ the offered help of Mary Fox, could do the flyering.

JUNE: This month, we have planned to have the Wellfleet Recycling Commitee apprise us of what is happening to our local recycling program. Lydia Vivante will be our contact person. No date has been set yet.

JULY: This month, we hope to have a joint program w/ the Non-resident taxpayers association on coastal resiliency. How will climate change affect us, and what steps can be taken to plan for and mitigate those changes? Date to be set.

AUGUST: We will have our annual pot luck dinner meeting in Preservation Hall,combined with a fund-raising event for the Wellfleet Shellfishermen’s Association,their Oystermen’s Jubilee. The Parkington Sisters have offered to perform. We would rent the hall, as usual. There is talk of a raw bar. David can act as go- between,getting dates and information. A good time should be had by all.

ADJOURN: The meeting broke up at 6:00p.m. Our next meeting, if we are to follow the 2nd Thursday schedule, would be on Thursday, May 9th,5:00 p.m., in the Wellfleet Senior Center.

Respectfully submitted,
David Wright, Secretary